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Pre Christmas Update

October already and where is the time going, its been a while since I last did a blog and cannot believe time is flying by so fast, October is a seasonal month for Halloween, and many of my customers message me asking is it ok to start Christmas and…
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Goodwill 2019 Show Room

March 2019 Was all about Goodwill Show Room March 1st was the day of my visit to Goodwill show room how super excited was I, I always love the driving up to goodwill when you see there logo displayed outside of the showroom building.Walking up t…
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Our Journey visiting Katherine's Collection 2019

Months seem to be coming around so fast and I keep saying to myself where are the days and weeks going, January February and March are our buying season and I have to say I love this time of the year planning ahead and seeing what's new for the Chris…
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